Air Ionizer Purifier – Pro’s and Con’s Air Ionizer Purifier Pro’s and Con’s -Air Purifiers reviewed and explained with Mark Richardson. Ionizers and Ionic air Purifier explained.

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13 Responses to “Air Ionizer Purifier – Pro’s and Con’s”

  1. markedwr2003 says:

    Good overview of Ionizers

  2. AirPurifierReview says:

    Is an ionizer the same as Ozone?

  3. 01mustang05 says:

    Negative Ion Generation will clean the air by allowing dust particals to fall to the floor and not float in the air. Then, hopefully, you wet mop or vacum (ideally…) with a central vac system exhausted to the outside.

  4. DrWheelman says:

    Ionizers don’t do a very good job of cleaning the air, but do make the air healthier…

  5. AirPurifierReviews says:

    Good info

  6. AliveAir says:


  7. AliveAir says:

    I agree with you on that. Most people think ionizers are the name of air purifiers.There is alot of confusion about ions and Ozone, which are different.

  8. AliveAir says:

    Good comment.. thanks. Negative ions are an inexpensive way to clean some , but not all, of what’s in the air. Not all molecules are charged so it doesn’t clean everything.

  9. AliveAir says:

    NO. Ozone is o3 – an oxygen molecule (02) with an added molecule. Ionizers use the postive and negative charges of dirt and pollution to attract them to a metal plate like a magnet. Ions are the natural charge of air.

  10. bigdogg805 says:

    i read a comment from a consumer that said Ionizers should only be used for a feaw minutesd only because they can cause health problems. Ever heard of that?

  11. AliveAir says:

    It’s Ozone that can create health problems. Ions (and ionizers) are what makes the air healthy, and plenty of negative ions is the difference between cuntry air and city air.

  12. bigdogg805 says:

    Im sure many other people are wondering the same thing, but where does ozone come from? do air purifiers produce them….

  13. TomXD69 says:

    Healthy ion concenteration is: 2000 ion/cm3 ; Ionizers produces 1000000 ion/cm3 and 0,05 ozone/cm3; the safety limit is 0,01 ozone/cm3;

    but 0,05 x 2000 / 1000000 = 0,0001
    so it can produce 2000 ion/cm3 and 0,0001ozone/cm3 in a room.

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